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Sustainable & Organic Farming Initiative
Good food comes from a healthy system – land that is nurtured, people who are cared for, and a process that respects everyone involved. Our initiative is dedicated to the people who grow our food, making sure that they have access to opportunity, the education and equipment they need to grow efficiently and sustainably.

Identify the farmers

Identifying a passionate farmer who is interested to move towards Organic farming is a big challenge. In our endeavour, we try to meet and talk to several farmers to understand their challenges and address the issues from grassroot level until they understand Organic farming and willing to become organic farmers.

Perform a pilot project

Once the first step of the hurdle of convincing them to get into Organic farming is done, then comes the challenge of showing them that Organic farming can be sustainable. For this, we identify a small piece of land within their farm to demonstrate how to cultivate organically and the methods and procedures involved in the same.

Educate and onboard farmers

We then onboard farmers and educate them on the organic practices. During this process, we connect nearby farmers to conduct group training and share their individual experiences, thereby connecting and creating a mutual support system.

Land preparation & technical assistance

Once a farmer joins the ibOrganic family, they are provided with all their basic needs for agriculture like quality seeds, bio fertilizers and organic pesticides.

Guide them to cultivate by adhering to ibo standards

In order to ensure the quality of products and good consistent produce, ibOrganic has designed a standard process that guides our farmers to achieve the quality.

Harvest, procure and quality check by ibO Team

After growing crops according to ibO standards, they are harvested at the right time and ibOrganic procures the best quality products from our farmers.

Paying a good price for farmers

We always pay 50% higher to our farmers in order to compensate for the low yield in Organic farming and for their hard work.

Farmers & Consumers Happy 🙂

Our hope is that the price you pay for the food will someday reflect the real cost of producing it.
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